💻 LaptopWithStickers.com - "Sticker as a Story" was founded by Fajar Siddiq. He spent almost a year finding the best & coolest stickers to paste on his laptop. He contacted some companies and people in the communities to send him some swag for video reviews and going to event meet-ups in the tech & design community. He traded his extra stickers with other people he met in real life who also loves to collect stickers & paste it on the laptop. He also shop company swag store and some of the swag he got must be earn by joining meetups or hackathons which makes it more challenging and fun. He also got featured on hacktoberfest

On the free time he makes unboxing videos on Youtube & nomading (working remotely & travelling) in South East Asia meeting other founders, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, indie-makers & many awesome people who have their laptop with stickers. The ultimate goal to build this website is to connect with more @laptopwithstickers friends & fans from around the world.

🤔 Name Cards should be replace by stickers and given like a business cards in meetups & you can paste it on the laptop. It's more fun that way & you can remember people easily by the stickers you get and you can share stories.

🕵️ He is currently on the mission finding more stickers from events, meetups, communities & also looking for some super cool sticker packs & swags. Most company have a swag store now too! He made this website LaptopWithStickers.com with a vision & mission to bring people together, share their favorite stickers and inspirational stories behind their stickers collections and working from a laptop.

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